Kickstart Your Modeling Career


It starts with a consultation. We schedule a time to meet with you in person at our studio where we discuss all the details with you. We will go over everything from how to prepare for your portfolio building day, what to expect on the day of the session, what steps you will need to take once you leave our studio at the end of the big day, pricing, & more! During your consultation, if you decide this is what you want to do, you will book your portfolio building date with a deposit. 

Then comes the big day. You will arrive at our studio and be greeted by not only ourselves, but your model coach- professional model, Adrianna Moss, and your Hair/Makeup artist for the day. We will go through all the wardrobe you brought with you & decide what will be best to work with. Before anything starts we will take a few digitals of you & then you can begin your hair & makeup with our licensed stylist. 

After the initial hair & makeup is done we will begin with a headshot. Every casting call will require a headshot & we promise to get you one you can be proud of. 

Once we have gotten you a killer headshot, we will move on to the rest of the session focusing on commercial, editorial, & fashion photography. Adrianna will coach you through the proper poses & tips that work for you for each style. These are priceless tips that you will want to take with you wherever you go in your future of modeling. Shots will be taken inside our studio and out on locations that we see fit with your wardrobe selection. 

After your full day of shooting, it’s a wrap! We will then sit down with you & review your images. We will discuss which images we think are the strongest for your portfolio and why. Adrianna will discuss with you some of your options as far as the types of agencies you should look into contacting & how. 

Once you leave we get to work narrowing down the exact images we will use for your portfolio. We retouch each image as if it were going into a high end magazine. You can expect your images in both digital & your printed portfolio about 2-4 weeks from the day of your shoot. (*If you choose to make payments, it will be from the day of your final payment)


Video: Dan Jordan's Success

Mr. Jordan signed with MC² Modeling Agency just weeks after completing his Portfolio Building session with us and shortly after getting his first job with mega retail giant Walmart. Watch his video to hear Dan's success story. 

Dan Jordan's talks about how Little Skull Photography helped him build his portfolio and got him where he wanted to be.