Tethering from above, with cake.

unnamed Breakdown of how we shot the "Let Them Eat Cake!" Shoot.

We are shooting Tethered from one of our Nikon D800's to a MacBook Air using a Tether Tools TetherPro SuperSpeed Cable on top of a Luxor TV Stand and the screen is just a cheap Dynex. Our Camera is being suspending on a C-Stand with Boom Arm using this adapter.

The beauty dish is a 22in Mola Demi with Sock and the Fill light is a 84in Impact Luxbanx.

Nikon D800 w/ Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 @  f/8 - 1/125th - ISO100 - 28mm

A timelapse from one of our Dropcam cameras showing the entire shoot.


model eating cake