5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Do a Pinup Photoshoot

You've seen the beautiful photos that go around of modern day women posing & dressing as if they are from the 1950's or 1960's. It's getting more & more popular and seems like so many women are doing it! Some of these women you may even know! But we know there are some of you out there who think "I could never do that.", and that is simply just not true! You CAN do it! You SHOULD do it!, & here's why!:strawberry delight

1. To feel beautiful! -  No matter what shape you are in, doing a vintage pinup photoshoot will show you just how beautiful your body really is! Professional pinup photographers will pose you in a way that emphasizes your good assets & camouflages the areas you might not be so comfortable with. Resulting in images you will be proud to share.' 2. All girls like to play dress-up! - Let's face it, what girl doesn't like to play dress-up?! You know that when you were little one of your favorite things to do was to try on your mother or grandmother's old clothing. There was something so intriguing about the things they wore in the times before you were born. Some photographers who do a lot of vintage style portraiture (like us) have a plethora of vintage 11731965_743696739072297_5920182220832476886_oclothing and accessories that they have collected in all different sizes for you to see what you like best! How fun!

3. They make a great gift! - You know what your significant other wants from you more than anything you could buy in the mall?, Classy yet sexy photos that he/she can cherish for a lifetime! The word "pinup" is a term that came about in the 1940's when magazines started featuring sexy photos of beautiful women & forwindow beauty soldiers to "pin up" by their bunks. As time went on this trend became bigger and pinup girls became more than just something soldiers enjoyed to "pin up". We're certain your significant other would love to "pin up" your photos! *wink*

4. You can live out your fantasy! - Of course you've dreamt about some really out-there things, like floating in a giant doughnut or basking on a bed of rose petals like in the movie 'American Beauty'. These things can be brought to life in a custom pinup photoshoot. No matter what your dream may be, professional pinup photographers can always find a way to incorporate it into your shoot!

sweet pool5. It's fun! - Lets face it, how can turning yourself into a vintage beauty for a day not be fun?! Wether you do it alone or with a group of friends; just for fun or as a gift, there is no doubt that doing a pinup photoshoot is one of the most fun and rewarding things you will do! So what are you waiting for? Do your research, find the local pinup photographer you think does the best work and book your vintage pinup photoshoot today! We promise you will be happy you did!

If you are interested in booking a pinup photoshoot with Little Skull Photography please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (941)378-3900