The new age of Wedding Portraits

These days originality is key. This is no exception when it comes to getting great unique wedding portraits. With all the hustle & bustle on your wedding day the short hour (or less) you have before the reception at your wedding venue (or nearby) is basically your only option for some intimate portraits in your wedding attire. Sure tradition is to not see each other in your wedding attire until the big day, but in this day & age tradition is not nearly as high a priority as it once was.  

Newlyweds, Ian & Britta came to us for just that; some truly non-traditional wedding portraits. With this being each of their second weddings, a 6 year old in tow, & a baby on the way they were the perfect candidates for some studio wedding portraits.

Ian & Britta were open to any ideas we had so our first suggestion was to get them in the evening before their wedding & really take our time with the portraits; capturing their emotions & personalities. While our original idea was to take them around the city to a few different locations, traffic and life happen (especially the evening before your wedding) & by the time our session actually began we were quickly losing the light outdoors. We opted to do some studio portraits with a "Vanity Fair" style feel to them. 


The portraits captured not only the love these two have for eachother but also the fun personalities & the unique dynamic of this beautiful blended family. 

Looking for some special wedding portraits of your own?