She's Tying The Knot! But 1st, a Pinup Sesh For Her Groom!

When you're about to tie the knot and your thinking of a gift for your groom what is a better idea for your vintage loving sweetheart than a sexy yet playful pinup session?! That's what our client Megan did! She came to us all the way from Illinois to have us bring her back in time as an adorable pinup girl for her soon to be hubby! 

We started with a playful cheesecake style look that reflected her love for gardening. Megan brought in her super pretty flower arrangement from her bridal shower to help us tie the look together. 

Next we switched up her attire & did some classic portraits to show off her bling & bring in the romance.

Finally, she stripped down to something a little more sexy & we captured some beautiful classic Vargas style pinup shots for the Mr. to drool over!

Hair & Makeup by Katie McCaskill

Are YOU ready to become a pinup for the day?